WQ83694 (e) Tabled on 22/10/2021

What conversations has the Counsel General had with law officers in the UK Government to ensure police officers have appropriate training to deal with incidents of spiking?

Answered by Minister for Social Justice | Answered on 03/11/2021

As you are aware policing is not currently devolved to Wales, however we have a strong relationship with our Welsh police forces and there is regular engagement at both Ministerial and official level on a broad range of issues, including violence against women and girls.

I meet regularly with the lead Police and Crime Commissioner to share and discuss emerging community safety issues from across Wales, and the Policing and Partnership Board for Wales, chaired by myself or the First Minister, provides an important and valuable opportunity for those with responsibility for policing in Wales to update Ministers on their key priorities and latest challenges.

The police force response is important to addressing violence against women and girls and the specific incidents of spiking reported recently. I have had reassurance from our police forces that they are taking the issue seriously and are working closely with their local authorities, universities and other partner organisations to resolve this crime, and make women and girls feel safe to go out.