WQ82442 (e) Tabled on 21/05/2021

What steps is the Welsh Government taking to ensure that Wales has a comprehensive full-fibre network, further to the benefits highlighted in a recent Openreach-commissioned report?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Climate Change | Answered on 27/05/2021

Whilst clearly wanting Wales to fully realise the benefits of full fibre as identified in Openreach’s recent report, the responsibility for the deployment of full fibre broadband rests with the UK Government.

However, we continue to utilise the levers we have within our power, with our own fibre roll out continuing, which will see 39,000 premises given access to gigabit capable fibre networks to some of the most hard to reach areas across Wales. Officials also continue to work with their counterparts in DCMS to ensure that Wales is at the forefront of the UK Government’s Project Gigabit roll out plans.