WQ80889 (e) Tabled on 05/08/2020

Will the Minister explain whether the Welsh Government will replicate the Scottish Procurement Policy Note issued by The Scottish Government on 22 August 2014 in relation to advice on the options available to purchasers when dealing with companies active in illegal settlements?

Answered by Minister for Finance and Trefnydd | Answered on 11/08/2020

The Welsh Government will be publishing a new Procurement Advice Note (PAN) for all the public sector in Wales, along the same lines as the Scottish Policy Note.  The PAN will advise buyers that they may exclude from tendering any company that conducts business with occupied territories either directly or via third parties, including with Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory, on the grounds of grave professional misconduct under Regulation 57(8)(c), of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.  It will also include model questions for use in pre-qualification questions (PQQs) when using the Restricted tender procedure (and initial questions when using the Open tender procedure) to support the Welsh Government and Welsh public sector bodies to take appropriate action.