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WQ80847 (e) Tabled on 29/07/2020

What discussions has the Welsh Government had with the UK Government regarding Welsh participation in the following European Union programmes: Erasmus Plus, Horizon Europe, Creative Europe and Interreg?

Answered by Counsel General and Minister for European Transition Answered on 05/08/2020

Answered by Julie James on behalf of Jeremy Miles:

Over the last four years Welsh Ministers have, on numerous occasions, made the case for Wales and the rest of the UK to be able to participate in successor European Union programmes including Erasmus Plus, Horizon Europe, Creative Europe and Interreg. These representations have been made in ministerial quadrilateral meetings, bilateral meetings and in letters to the UK Government.

Most recently my colleague the Minister for European Transition set out the case at the meetings of the Joint Ministerial Committee (EU Negotiations) on 21 May 2020 and on 16 July 2020 following a letter to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on 18 June 2020.

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