WAQ77785 (e) Tabled on 24/01/2019

With respect to Superfast Cymru, will the Minister publish details for each constituency, which state the number of white premises, indicating whether they include or exclude premises in Phase 2; the total number of premises that are included in Phase 2; and the number of premises classed as ‘Under Review.’?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport | Answered on 04/02/2019

We do not hold details of premises by constituency; however, I attach lists of premises by local authority that are to be included in the next phase of broadband rollout, as well as the list of “white premises” by local authority and those “under review”.

It is important to note that information on premises included in the next phase of roll-out is subject to change, with the possibility of properties being withdrawn from the list or properties being added.

Substantive Response