WAQ75821 (e) Tabled on 31/01/2018

What contracts does the Welsh Government, its executive agencies, and other public bodies in Wales have with the company Capita?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Finance | Answered on 05/02/2018

Welsh Government currently has six live contracts with Capita in areas such as engineering services, surveyors, training and development and consultancy. 

Capita are a supplier on four National Procurement Service Frameworks, within the Professional Services Category;

1.    Construction Consultancy – Property

2.    Construction Consultancy – Infrastructure (Phase 2)

3.    Construction Consultancy – Additional Services (Phase 3)

4.    Regional South West Wales Construction Consultancy.

Analysis has shown that 42 Welsh public sector bodies have used Capita since 2015. However, due to the complexity of Capita’s business structure, we do not have a full list of contract details across Wales at this present time.  Further analysis is ongoing.