NDM8478 - Opposition Debate

Tabled on 31/01/2024 | For debate on 07/02/2024

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Supports the heroic efforts of NHS staff in Wales as they provide care in challenging circumstances.

2. Notes the first anniversary of the Minister for Health and Social Services setting out the Welsh Government's priorities for the NHS in Wales.

3. Believes that:

a) health outcomes have worsened in the past year; and

b) a failure to act on the priorities has contributed to all health boards being in some form of escalation status.

4. Regrets that:

a) the number of patient pathways waiting for treatment was 758,815 in November 2023, compared to 731,102 in February 2023;

b) 53.5 per cent of patients started their first definitive treatment within the target of 62 days of first being suspected of cancer in November 2023 , compared to 54.3 per cent in February 2023;

c) the full time equivalent number of GPs in Wales was 1901 in 2013 and 1429.6 in 2023; and

d) 66.7 per cent of patients spent less than 4 hours in A&E in December 2023, compared to 71.5 per cent in February 2023.

5. Calls on the Welsh Government to:

a) set out a clear timescale to de-escalate intervention arrangements in every health board; and

b) declare a health emergency.


NDM8478 - 1 | Tabled on 01/02/2024

Add as new sub-point at end of point 5:

develop and deliver a workforce plan for the Welsh NHS;

NDM8478 - 2 | Tabled on 01/02/2024

Add as new sub-point at end of point 5:

set a target to eliminate two-year waits by September 2024 and create a taskforce to deliver it;

NDM8478 - 3 | Tabled on 02/02/2024

Delete all after point 2 and replace with:

Notes that:

a) at the end of November 2023, the percentage of open pathways waiting less than 104 weeks was 96.7%, which is 20th successive improvement and the highest it has been since August 2021;

b) in 2023, the average number of people referred onto the suspected cancer pathway per month has increased by 53% since 2020;

c) in November 2023, nearly 14,800 people who were referred for suspected cancer were informed they did not have cancer, the second highest on record;

d) there were more fully-qualified GPs working in Wales in June 2023 compared with the year before – an increase of 0.9%; and

e) latest available data for December 2023 show a 51% reduction in average ambulance response time performance for amber calls, 29% improvement in ambulance patient handover performance and a 20% reduction in patients spending over 12 hours in emergency departments before admission or discharge; when compared with the same month in 2022.