NDM7552 - Member Debates

Tabled on 14/01/2021 | For debate on 10/03/2021

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Notes:

a) that Wales has the highest rates of type 2 diabetes anywhere in western Europe, with over 200,000 diagnosed, an estimated 65,000 with undiagnosed type 2, and a further 500,000 at risk of contracting diabetes;

b) that caring for people with diabetes already consumes 10 per cent of the NHS budget;

c) the heightened risks of catching COVID-19 for citizens who have diabetes as a pre-existing condition; and

d) the success and cost effectiveness of the award-winning Nutrition Skills for Life programme piloted in the Afan Valley.

2. Urges the Welsh Government to mainstream the Nutrition Skills for Life programme throughout Wales as a central element of a Welsh diabetes prevention plan.