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WAQ78130 (e) Tabled on 10/04/2019

What action is the Welsh Government taking to prevent grey squirrels from colonising Anglesey and displacing the native red squirrel population?

Answered by Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Answered on 18/04/2019

The recently published Grey Squirrel Management Action Plan highlights red squirrel focal areas and buffers as a key category for targeting future resources. This is reiterated in the Red Squirrel Conservation Plan for Wales, updated in 2018.


Red Squirrel United, which includes work to maintain Anglesey as a grey-squirrel free area, is supported by Welsh Government directly through funding disease tests on dead squirrels. Welsh Government also indirectly supports the project through its sponsorship of Natural Resources Wales, who provide resources as match funding for the Heritage Lottery Fund element of the current funding package.


Those managing the Anglesey focal area and Gwynedd buffer area are welcome to apply for funding in the future as and when this becomes available.

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