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WAQ77250 (e) Tabled on 10/10/2018

What portion of the Welsh Government’s home improvement scheme is aimed at improving electrical safety in the owner-occupied sector?

Answered by Minister for Environment Answered on 17/10/2018

Welsh Government does not operate a specific grant scheme for improving electrical safety in Welsh homes. However, there are a number of funding streams to bring homes up to standard - which includes electrical safety. In the private sector, these include Houses into Homes, and Home Improvement and Town Centre Loan Schemes which are operated by local authorities and together amount to over £67.5 million. These schemes provide home owners with the finance required to renovate properties. Loans are demand led and each home is assessed using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, so that hazards are identified appropriately. The Welsh Government does not hold information on the works that are funded by each of these loans issued by local authorities.


In addition to this funding, Welsh Government provides £108 million each year to help all social landlords meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2020. This standard aims to ensure homes are of good quality and suitable for the needs of existing and future residents. The landlords who own the stock invest considerably more in improving and maintaining the standard, estimated at £500m per annum.


Welsh Government has also worked with the Fire and Rescue Services for many years to fund, develop and deliver a programme of home safety checks. These include risks of electrical fires, and may include informal advice to householders that they should consult an electrician (e.g. if an electrical installation is obviously old or failing). Last year, the Service delivered over 55,000 of these checks, focused on those at greatest risk of fire.

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