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WAQ76329 (e) Tabled on 13/04/2018

What is the level of Welsh Government involvement in devising a local authority's school rebuilding programme that would benefit from 21st Century School money?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Education Answered on 19/04/2018

Within the overall objectives set for the 21st Century Schools and Education Programme by Welsh Government, local authorities are required to submit a strategic programme of the school infrastructure investment needs within their area. 

Welsh Government assess these programme plans for strategic fit with the Programme objectives alongside value for money, commercial viability, affordability and deliverability. Following this assessment Welsh Government then approves each programme plan and allocates to each local authority an ‘in principle’ funding envelope for their Programme. This is being done in a series of waves with Band A (2014-2019) approved in December 2011 and Band B (from 2019) more recently which was approved in December 2017.

Within their allocated funding envelopes local authorities then prioritise and work up delivery plans for their individual projects. Approval of Welsh Government’s financial contribution is dependent on the provision of an appropriate business case by the local authority. Each business case is subject to a detailed assessment by Welsh Government.

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