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WAQ76186 (e) Tabled on 13/03/2018

Further to WAQ75963, is any data available on the numbers of looked after children also eligible for free school meals, who finished school between 2012-2017 and then went on to attend university?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Education Answered on 19/03/2018

With regard to destinations data, the annual matched dataset has been used to publish preliminary information on educational destinations of learners in Wales:

Alongside this we are working with the Department for Education on a separate project, the Longitudinal Education Outcomes Study (LEOS) to derive information on employment outcomes, using administrative data held by the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue and Customs, which will help to provide a fuller analysis of destinations and not just those remaining in education. We anticipate publishing first experimental data utilising this source for FE and work-based learners this Summer.

Analysis of these datasets with regard to looked after children is not very well advanced as the work is still in development. In particular, we need to further investigate the data quality and robustness of analysis achieved through the data matching process for this group, especially given the size of the cohorts involved. Given the nature of this work, at this stage, it is not feasible to give a date for completion however I can assure you it is a priority area of work. No formal terms of reference have been prepared for this work but we are committed to keep our stakeholders updated.

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