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WAQ75617 (e) Tabled on 11/01/2018

How is the Cabinet Secretary working to ensure that all local authorities ensure compliance with safe catheterisation practices by social care workers, and social care providers, including private care providers contracted through a local authority?

Answered by Minister for Children and Social Care Answered on 18/01/2018

In most Health Board areas‎ catheterisation is only undertaken by trained registered nurses unless the patient is self-catheterising or a relative/carer is trained. Where catheterisation is delegated to social care workers, this is done on a named individual basis, with the care worker only being able to undertake action for that individual once trained and deemed competent and for no other individual. This is monitored and supervised by the delegator.


All health care professionals who delegate activities are accountable to their regulators and are required to follow delegation guidelines set out in ‘All Wales Guidelines for Delegation 2010’ and ‘Third Party Delegation - The Required Governance Framework 2016’.

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