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WAQ75247 (e) Tabled on 28/11/2017

Given that the ‘Learning in the Digital Wales’ report recorded the percentage of schools that had 1 login and 11 logins to Hwb and Hwb+, will the Cabinet Secretary provide the most up-to-date statistics available for this?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Education Answered on 04/12/2017

Since the Learning in Digital Wales report was published in 2015, the supplier has confirmed that there have been ongoing issues with the metrics that have been used to record Hwb+ logins.  A note has now been added to the publication page which details:


Please note that since the publication of this report, an issue with the way that the data on ‘Hwb+ logins’ was gathered has been brought to the attention of the Welsh Government. This has been identified as an issue because of the way that Hwb+ platform operates.


Hwb+ logins are the count of users per device or browser. A user login is only counted once per device until the device cache is cleared. School (and Local Authority) systems usually clear a device cache every 30 days. The Hwb+ login metric is therefore likely to underestimate the actual number of Hwb+ logins given that students and teachers may share devices at school or use the same device repeatedly within the 30 day period.  It also makes it impossible to compare usage month on month due to the way users interact with devices in schools.


The Hwb+ metrics are not reported in the same way as Hwb metrics and as such, we cannot provide unique user logins over a specified time period.


Using the original LiDW definition, the latest statistics for Hwb+


Schools registering 1 or more logins to Hwb+

October 2017 – 1,414 schools

October 2016 – 1,460 schools

September 2017 – 1,306 schools 

September 2016 – 1,601 schools


Schools registering 11 or more logins to Hwb+

October 2017 – 1,021 schools

October 2016 – 1,091 schools

September 2017 – 854 schools    

September 2016 – 1,030 schools


Statistics for Hwb:


Schools registering 1 or more logins to Hwb

October 2017 – 1,506 schools

October 2016 – 1,453 schools

September 2017 – 1,493 schools 

September 2016 – 1,424 schools


Schools registering 11 or more logins to Hwb

October 2017 – 1,329 schools

October 2016 – 1,158 schools

September 2017 – 1,295 schools 

September 2016 – 1,125 schools


It should be noted that all schools must access their Hwb+ platform to access the schools ‘User Credential List’ which contains details of all learners and non-learner accounts in that school including the function to reset passwords.  As such a number of the schools who are registering logins will be doing so purely to manage the user accounts for accessing the wider Hwb tools and services.

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